Office Cleaning Perth

Office Cleaning in Perth

Computer equipment and keyboards

Computer keyboard will be dusted. No more risk of disease due to harmful bacteria on the keys. Your monitor will be cleaned using the right chemicals and every other attachment with your computer ie. printer, scanner etc will be cleaned and polished.

Office Cleaning in Perth

Office Cleaning in Perth


Office Desk

Any paperwork will not be disturbed, as your desk is dusted down and polished. The general area of your working desk, filing system and other furniture will be dusted. All finger marks and smudges on doors, desks, light switches and glass will be spot cleaned.

No spot will be left out as dust, cobwebs and unsightly marks will be cleaned and dusted. This is important as Eco-Care will actually clean areas you cannot reach or see giving you peace of mind especially if you are allergic to dust.

Office Desk Cleaning

Office Desk Cleaning


Hard floors

Your tiled or vinyl floors will be mopped and sanitised. Your tiled floors will be cleaned with industrial strength cleaners, mopped and dried. All marks on the tiled floors will be removed making your office area inviting because it looks clean. Your vinyl floors will be stripped using biodegradable cleaning solutions, cleaned and sealed. (if and when requested).


Office kitchen

The office kitchen area could be one of the most important areas to keep clean as food and drink is consumed in this area. We will ensure the entire area is spotless and clean. Here are some of the ways we do it: 

(a) Dirty coffee mugs, cutlery and dishes washed, dried & put away on request. The dishes can be dried and neatly put away. The sink will be cleaned and dried, the tap cleaned and sanitised.

(b) Kitchen table and chairs damp wiped. The chairs will be dusted and the table wiped down.

(c) Kitchen bins emptied and scrubbed out. We’ll remove the dirt, food scraps and then thoroughly scrub them. We even re-line the bin and deodorise the area.

(d) The office fridge cleaned and sanitised. The finger print marks removed, the door and handle cleaned and even the sides wiped down. The interior will be cleaned and all the food scraps removed and disposed of. ( on request ).

(e) Microwave oven cleaned & sanitised in and out.

Office Kitchen Cleaning

Office Kitchen Cleaning

Office Rubbish bin

We will empty and replace liners in all your bins as required.

Office Telephones

Telephone can harbour many a popular virus or harmful bacteria especially if it is being used by others. The hand piece and dialling pad will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with special chemicals. Your phone will be cleaned and sanitised so that you reduce the build up of bacteria.

The toilets, change rooms and locker rooms

This is one of the most important areas in any office and cleaning and sanitising the area is most important. For starters the door knob will be cleaned with anti-bacterial solutions, the door will be wiped down remove smudges and finger marks. The floors and showers will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using hospital grade cleaners, the toilet bowl will be cleaned and sanitised.

Toilet Cleaning Perth

Toilet Cleaning Perth

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